"The core of healing lies in its unique way of communicating without  words"                                          G. Downing.

Treatments with Catherine Pilgrim

Kinesiology Touch for Health (TFH)

Put simply, Kinesiology (pronounced kin-'easy-ology) is a non invasive method of using the muscles to communicate directly with the body as a feedback mechanism to increase awareness, help reduce stress and pain, improve performance and promote health and wellbeing

It draws on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can evaluate body function through the muscle-meridian relationship.  TFH  works with the energy flows of the body.  This energy flows through channels known as meridians.  In a health body the flow forms a continuous circuit, but when mental, emotional, physical stress or trauma disturbs the flow, imbalances will occur.

There are many correction methods available to the practitioner and each balance is as unique as the individual, but essentially they could include movement, touch reflexes, massage, acupressure, nutrition, meridian balancing, cranial points or working with emotional responses. All work is carried out fully clothed and is comfortable to receive.

 The benefits from receiving regular balances could include:

* Increased energy and vitality, improved posture, and relief from physical pain and tension.
* Assistance to change attitudes and unhelpful behaviour.
* Release from and the assistance to manage emotional stress.
* Enhanced brain function and co-ordination
* Find and clear underlying causes of energy blocks & imbalances.
* It is also an excellent preventative measure and can enhance the health of the healthy!

For further information or to book please contact - Cathie Pilgrim on 07769  803646

Indian Head Massage

I use massage strokes and pressure points on the head and neck.  A firm gentle rhythm stimulates the skin and nerve endings, relaxing the muscle that covers the head and improving blood flow to the scalp.  Massage of the face is very soothing, it can help with eye strain, sinusitis, and is especially effective in relieving stress and anxiety

Indian Head massage is extremely effective in preventing and alleviating common tension headaches and can help those suffering from migraine. It is an excellent method for releasing any stiffness and knots in the neck, shoulders and upper back, as well as loosening and stimulating the scalp to improve circulation and the condition of the hair and skin. On a more general level these sessions help to relieve everyday stresses and tension, to release and eliminate toxins that build up around the muscles and joints, and to promote a state of self healing and health in both mind and body

The Massage is done with the client sitting upright in a chair,  it is not necessary to remove any clothing.

For further information or to book please contact - Cathie Pilgrim 07769  803646


This is an ancient Japanese healing therapy where the natural energy around us is channelled through the therapists hands.  Promoting a deep sense of relaxation and a rejuvenating effect on mind and body .  Reiki can be used to relieve or stimulate problem areas, relieve stress and encouraging a sense of well being with a refreshed mind.

Treatment 30 minutes or 1 hour 

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