“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured
and endure what cannot be cured”. ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Customer Testimonials

Seasonal Workshops

“Very welcoming and I really enjoyed practicing both the traditional and KAIUT 
Yoga.  I left feeling very supple, 2inches taller and extremely relaxed.  The icing on the cake, as usual, was the wonderful lunch.   Can’t wait to do more KAIUT moves as I find them extremely addictive.”      SHARON 

“As always Cathie’s workshop was a unique immersion in self nurturing and healing..."guided by her expansive knowledge and alternative therapies.

Can’t believe how much my back has improved HD

Feel so much taller after a class Debs

I have been practising Kaiut Yoga for about four months.  I kind of started by chance and initially I found if quite strange as it is quite different from any other forms of Yoga I had experienced before.  Nevertheless I kept an open mind and I am very glad I did as prior to my joining the class I had been suffering from tennis elbow on my left side and carpal tunnel in my right.  The latter particularly bothered me as I was often unable to sleep restfully or to drive for very long distances because of discomfort.  I have tried many things, including physiotherapist and wearing a splint,  but with no avail.

After only a few lessons I started to notice a difference, eventually the symptoms subdued to the point I am fine most of the time now.  Simply great, I now attend regularly?

Mara Armanasco


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