"An exercise system based on eight basic principles. The aim is to improve flexibility and strength and to create a balance in the body. It includes comprehensive regulation of the physical functions and leads to physical and mental relaxation. "...

                                                                                  Joseph Pilates


Pilates with Catherine Pilgrim

Horton Village Hall, Horton, TA19 9QR ........2.5 miles west of ilminster

THURSDAY 10-11 - mixed ability 



9.00 am – 1.30 p.m.
Cost £45.00 which includes, tuition, seasonal lunch and drinks
07769 803646


What is Pilates?

It is a system of exercise which builds strength in the abdominal area.  Having a strong abdominal core supports the spine and reduces the incidence of low back pain.


Pilates encourages stability in the upper spine and shoulders, which improves posture and reduces the wear and tear from prolonged computer and car use.

Most of the exercises (which are a mixture of strength and mobility) are performed seated or lying down on a mat.

Each exercise is carried out slowly with attention to breathing and body positioning

Pilates exercises are suitable for all body types and abilities. 

Pilates requires concentration and focus as the exercises target specific deep muscles.


The set-up and warm-up sections are performed standing up; most of the exercises are performed lying either on the front or the back, and some can be done in a seated position either on the floor or on a chair. The final section can either be gentle stretching, or a short relaxation exercise. It is very gentle, but extremely effective; the exercises start at a very basic level and participants only move up a level when they feel strong enough and when their technique enables it. Some people will benefit from the basic level of the exercises for months or even years, whereas others will work through to the higher levels more quickly. Participants progress at their own pace.

The Eight Principles of Pilates

  • Breath – lateral thoracic exhaling on greatest effort

  • Concentration – Movements controlled by ‘mind/body’ concentrating  only on movement and focusing fully – mental discipline

  • Control – working against gravity – slow movements strengthens body

  • Precision – Precise breathing and precise movements

  • Isolation – To be aware of any  imbalance in muscle strength or flexibility and isolating weaker muscles,  and working towards strengthening the weaker muscle so that balance is regained

  • Flowing Movements – continuous  movements with same speed throughout

  • Routine – Repitition  and frequency leads to skill level rising

  • Centering – Balance of the core or Power House.  Each exercise is controlled by the contraction of the abdominals.  To maintain a strong centre you need an equal balance of strength between the abs and the back.





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